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About Pool Six

We are the coffee experts.

Founded on a passion for coffee and a commitment to excellence, Pool Six is more than just a coffee company—it's a community dedicated to the art and science of coffee. From humble beginnings, our journey has been fueled by a desire to educate, inspire, and empower coffee enthusiasts and business owners alike.

Our Mission

As experienced coffee retailers, The Pool Six mission is to help independent coffee retailers by producing premium wholesale fresh roasted coffee with constant attention to the retailers needs. This landing page will detail how coffee retailers can work with Pool Six to brand their own coffee roasts.

What You Can Expect from Pool Six

We roast premium high value coffees for wholesale purchase. We spent over 25 years as coffee retailers ourselves prior to founding Pool Six Coffee Roasters. As retailers, we brewed, drank, tested, tweaked, sold in cafes, and out of drive through windows the Pool Six blends available today. These are time tested roasts that we are confident can support your growing enterprise. 

Prior to coffee roasting at Pool Six, we owned coffee drive thrus, and coffee cafes doing everything in coffee retail for over 25 years, and now we’re sharing that experience with our Pool Six customers looking to launch and grow their own coffee retailing business

Order our premium high value coffees directly from our website as needed. Our whole bean coffee will arrive freshly roasted in 5 lb. vacuumed sealed bags. Consider our house blend to be YOUR house blend. We roasted this coffee for you, and you can retail the same blends that have worked for years with our customers under your own name!

We’re here to support and help grow your business. We always hated when our former roasters bags would show up decked out in their logos/marketing to our cafe

We offer account management and consulting. You can use our calendar [link to calendar widget] to schedule time with Mike and Carew, our coffee retailing experts.

  • Starting and growing your business is difficult, talk to folks that have done it before
  • Curious how much to order, how to order, how to control your own brand
  • Pool Six is here to support our small independent owner operators run a profitable business. 
  • Take the worry of coffee off your plate as you manage the intensive parts of your business

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans

Build Your Own Proprietary Blend

If you would like to build your own proprietary blend under your own name - we can do that too!

Schedule a time on our calendar and we’ll start the process!

We talk through what you like, what flavor you are looking for, and some of the other consulting topic we cover in a call

From here, our roasters get to work putting together a few different roasts for you to try

We send you samples to try, you try them all, select which coffees you like, tell us what you want to call it, and schedule your first order!

Your proprietary blend will arrive, freshly roasted, in vacuum sealed 5 lb. increment bags, with your label on the bag!